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Fine lines, wrinkles and folds are filled and corrected. These can be wrinkles between the nose and the corner of the mouth, between the eyebrows, around the mouth area and wrinkles around the eyes. Mouths can become fuller and lips more clearly defined. Facial contours can be enhanced.

At The Evergreen Clinic we consider consultation to be very important, we will discuss which dermal filler is right for you so that we achieve the best results for you personally. Actual treatment time usually takes 30 minutes.

Lips before juvederm at Evergreen clinic Liverpool
Lips after juvederm at Evergreen clinic Liverpool

A facial rejuvenator which uses advanced 3D matrix and has the advantage of having a very small amount of local anaesthetic within the product which reduces the amount of discomfort at injection. Softness, elasticity and long lasting results approx 12-18 months are again an integral advantage.

Hyaluronic Acid (N.A.S.H.A- Non Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid)

As time passes our skin looses its youthful suppleness and elasticity. Little by little lines begin to appear and, over time, they become deeper and more noticeable. Hyaluronic acid(HA) is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and it plays an essential role in the hydration of the skin, giving it volume and making it smooth. Production of hyaluronic acid reduces as we get older and lines appear as the skin dries out.

At The Evergreen Clinic we have a range of HA fillers to treat our patients and achieve the best results for them individually.

You will have an initial consultation to discuss your needs and patient safety is always a priority. Actual treatment normally takes 25 - 30 minutes. The product is injected precisely into the areas that require correction using a pre-filled, sterile syringe.

Other Hyaluronic Acid products available at the Evergreen Clinic are:- Restylane, Hydrafill and Puragen.